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"i will not have my perfect sunshine daughter bringing around some half-grown hydra-hailing man child and calling him her ‘soul mate’. end of discussion"



Woman has a lot of sex: Whore.

Man has a lot of sex: God.

Woman is virgin by choice: Pure magical creature.

Man is virgin by choice: Loser.

society u ok

i’m glad she included the flip side

Do you really think that Marlowe is going to end the season with them married? After everything that has gone on with the relationship, a lot of the fans being upset from season 5 finale, the drop in demo ratings and loss of about 2 million viewers & folks being upset with the lack of affection shown most of season it's hard to see him ending this season in a similar fashion like previous finales with angst & relationship in doubt & maybe even the marriage as well. Thoughts?











Let’s take this one piece at a time:

Yes I do. Just like I thought there would probably be a proposal last year (from like, March - you can check my archive) and that Beckett was unlikely to say “No” - I think you were here for that part ;)

Biggest reason is that each season advances the relationship, and this is the next logical step. Throw in the writing team, the title, etc. but the biggest thing is this: Castle doesn’t actually work at the 12th. Placing them in a major angst/breakup like place at this point would more than likely break up the partnership, which would mean no show.

We’re going to do ratings ONE MORE time: Relative to the rest of the network Castle’s numbers aren’t down, they are trending slightly up/steady at worst. That’s because EVERYONE’S numbers are down. Because the demo is watching less live TV. They watch streaming and DVR at increasing rates. The raw numbers aren’t what the networks look at and neither is the single show average. They look at a relative comparison to the Network Scripted Average. Castle also just pulled it’s highest repeat last week. The ratings are fine. And I’m not getting this off the top of my head, my husband used to work for Neilsen Research, so I asked the pros.

There has been more affection this season than any other season. There was a lesser amount between 6x06-6x10 or so, because the out of work scenes were given to other plots. But the rest of the season has been affection bordering on sappy. There my be some dissatisfied folks, but the expression “you can’t please everyone all the time” didn’t get invented yesterday, either, you know?

Have they done angsty finales? Yes. But they did Always, too. As with that season, we’re at a point where taking the next step makes the most sense. It’s possible it could be a cliffhanger end into next season. But that’s feeling less likely. Something like Always where Castle and Beckett end in a good place, and there is a larger threat.

Can I be wrong here? Yes. Have before. But I’ve been right on these things too. Enough to feel good about my odds, baring new info.

^ read this, please.

Thank you for referring to people who are dissatisfied as “some” people, too. Nothing peeves me more than the attempts to lump a group (big or small) of opinions into one collective “the fans.” I always find myself saying, “I’m frustrated/upset/mad/dislike this character or storyline? Really? I’m glad someone let me know!” Lol.

This, plus, the LACK OF AFFECTION? Good LORD. I am so tired of this meme. The show I’ve been watching has been positively bubbling over with affection. There’s a hell of a lot more to affection than face-sucking and sex scenes, and I for one am glad to see that Marlowe & co. aren’t just leaning on the more overtly sexual stuff to sell the relationship, but are also showing us lots of the “little things.” Because that stuff’s a lot more important than some people realize, and it makes the relationship feel so real and loving and FUN.

Yeah, I don’t understand that particular complaint myself at all, because having seen how other shows handle their relationships, this show hits it out of the park. What bothers me even more is when that faction feels the need to speak for us all, because in no way do I believe the relationship lacks affection (or anything else for that matter) and in no way do I believe the show’s going downhill because of one character or another - or whatever a similar complaint  ”the fans” have.

I think there are certain corners of the Internet where people who have particular negative response tend to congregate. Which makes sense, because the Internet is one of those places the tends to draw together groups of like-minded people. (tumblr anyone?)

The problem is, if you’re primarily exposed to the places where a particular attitude is expressed, you can find yourself in the mindset of believing that “everyone” thinks that way. That’s just not true Castle, it’s true of almost anything you can find on the Internet. And it rarely, if ever matches up with the real world expectations of reality.

That’s true. I’m trying to remember the term we’ve used in some of my classes to describe the “birds of a feather” sort of collective, but it’s escaping me at the moment (5 hours writing code that doesn’t work’ll do that to a brain, haha). People definitely gravitate toward those who validate their opinions vs challenge them and the fewer challenges there are… like you said it starts to seem like that is the majority opinion.

There’s also probably an element of the “vocal minority” happening, too. Since content people are less likely to speak out about their contentedness while those who are discontent will let you know. It’s understandable, mostly, but still frustrating, since I like making the choice for myself! haha

You just described the very reason my blog exists.

i’m really starting to think that for some people, affection = hot and rough sex.

I have no idea in what world they live in.

They live in a world in which “love” is almost always portrayed as two people living out the entirety of their lives half-naked, completely unable to keep their hands off each other for even 5 minutes. Paying the mortgage and going to work and discipling the children and buying life insurance are far too pedestrian for most modern media; “love” must be sensationalized to be sold effectively and profitably. This is the case in an uncountable number of popular movies, TV shows, books…even music. Sex is glorified as being the end-all-be-all of a loving, committed relationship, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, I’m not minimizing the importance of sex in an serious relationship. Physical compatibility is a big deal. Lack of sexual intimacy can break a relationship beyond repair. What I’m saying is that in the grand scheme of things, sex encompasses a very small portion of the time you spend with someone when you’re in a long-term relationship. Sex is a great perk, but there are so many other wonderful moments to be had as a couple. I’ll leave it at this: there are numerous people with whom you can be physically compatible. There are not nearly as many people who you can open up to, confide in, feel safe with, and trust with your deepest darkest secrets, and even fewer people still who you can in turn love and accept in the same way. That’s who soulmates are to each other, and that’s the love story I’d rather be watching.

Pretty much this. What’s sad is that sexual time and “affection” can and should be partnered emotions, but sex doesn’t always require affection, just desire. Especially on TV.



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